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Magento quickview extension for a convenient shopping experience

Quick View function is among the uttermost magento extensions, enhancing a favored shopping experience by providing buyers with a quick look at products and a plenty of useful  information like prices, details or reviews without going to the detail page, so time-saving and advantageous. More than that, the customizable back-end allows admin to easily stylize the pop-up window or adjust contents to be shown in front-end on his own. Below are some highly suggested quick look extensions  for your online shops.

1. MD Quick View Product  by Magento inc











Extension Features:

MD QuickView Product is a frontend feature that speeds up the browsing process through store by showing product previews on click. Extensions is a great feature that enhances user experience while browsing your store.

MD QuickView Product prevents user from reloading pages to see the full description and allows them to instantly buy the product without wasting time and risking to leave due to slow page loading.

MD QuickView Product  incorporates great features that customers can zoom in to see more photos QuickView.Your customer can be satisfied with the experience that we offer extensions.

2. AJAX Product Quick View by Extendware

AJAX Product Quick View for Magento makes your site easier and faster to navigate. Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation page. This makes browsing products easier and faster, which encourages sales. Products may even be added to their cart from the Product Quickview page.

There are some outstanding features of AJAX Product Quick View

  • Supports all product types
  • Integrates with your theme
  • Suports multiple view types
  • Fast AJAX to make navigation faster
  • Compact Javascript so your Web site does not become bloated
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Gracefully disables itself on unsupported browsers
  • Easily configure the width of the quick view window
  • Easily change the position of the overlay image
  • Center the dialog on the screen or put it a towards the top

  3.      Magento Quick View Extension  by Cmsmart

This Quick View extension will speed up the browsing process through store and leverage a convenient shopping experience as it supports shoppers to have a quick view of products on another pop-up window which is fulfilled with useful information such as product images & thumbnails, prices, detail, review and art-to-cart as well.

Without re-loading the page again and again whenever shoppers try to find more information about  online products, they still have fundamental description of the product or simply choose to add the product to wishlist or to compare. If they want more details, review function will let them know other people’s assessment of the product and the link to the product detail page is available on the pop-up window as well. When deciding to make a purchase, buyers can push the add-to-cart button which will lead them to the checkout page after loading for several seconds.

There are various advanced features available on magento quickview extension, including but not limited to:

  • Front-end features

–            Support all types of products: simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, and downloadable

–            Support all major browers

–            Quickview button appears when hovering mouse

–            Add to cart immediately

–            Tab detail and tab review can be shown or hidden

–            Be able to specify pop-up window size

–            Zoom effect

–            Useful product information is available on the pop-up quick look

  • Back-end features

–            Easily customize contents from quick view pop up

–            Easily customize pop-up size

–            Easily stylize the quick view button

–            Easily config thumbnails

Front-end Demo

Back-end Demo




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