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Magento Recurring Payments Extension – Useful Extension for Ecommerce

Today, the online shopping has been no stranger to us. The convenience of online shopping is undeniable. It helps us save a lot of time and effort; you can find and buy any product you need with only a computer and an internet connection.

Because demand for online shopping of consumer is growing day by day, so companies and enterprises are constantly expanding and improving online sales service, some billion dollar company like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba and etc… are the typical examples of the success in online shopping industry.


However, for the company which works in e-commerce sector can achieve success, in addition to providing customers with the best products or the most competitive price, they also need to bring to customers the most wonderful experience. They should have a website with a beautiful designed, full of essential features and usability, besides an extremely important thing that the payment steps. Because all transactions are done over the internet, so the security, convenience and fast is essential for make customers decide to buy the product.

E-commerce is no limit of product and business type. It could be a company of fashion business, restaurants, real estate, may be a retail company or etc… However, with some sectors of business that requires customers to pay money according to weekly, monthly or quarterly, so having an automated payment system will help the enterprises and customers to save a lot time and effort. To meet that demand, Apptha has developed an extension for Magento which called as Magento Recurring Payments Extension.



Magento Recurring Payments Extension is an extension allows for companies, e-commerce businesses can install Recurring Payments system for the website which built on Magento. This extension will simplify the job of offering products in a subscription basis in an eCommerce store. With the advanced features, make sure that this product will help you don’t have to worry about automatic payments periodically. This extension absolutely is a great ecommerce solution for your online store.

What do you have when you use this Magento Recurring Payments Extension?

Let’s see the main features of this extension.


  • Supports recurring payments made only via PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Compatible with Magento 1.9 community edition.
  • Supports ‘Simple’ and ‘Virtual’ product types.
  • Improves sales by providing multiple payment periods instead of one-time payment.
  • Registered customers can keep a track of their subscriptions and payments through their ‘Recurring Profile’

Back end

  • Admin can provide multiple subscription plans (daily, weekly etc) for a single product.
  • Four subscription types can be provided namely ‘Day’, ‘Week’, ‘Month’, ‘Year’.
  • ‘Billing Period Price’ option can be used to set the price for a single billing in a subscription period
  • ‘Billing Frequency’ can be used to set the frequency of payment for a subscription type.
  • ‘Billing Cycle’ can be used to set the time of completion of a billing cycle.
  • Starting date of a subscription can either be set by the customer or activated from the date of purchase.
  • Admin can either enable or disable the subscription options for a product.
  • Dedicated dashboard for maintaining recurring profiles.
  • Accounts of customers using recurring payment option can be monitored conveniently.
  • Admin can get the list of active and suspended profiles from the dashboard.

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