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Magento Reviews Import Export extension Download

Bulk Reviews Import \ Export

Bulk Reviews Import \ Export


This Magento extension allows you to import or export all of your customer review data in one go. It can import/export anything from review title, review description, and up to more advanced information, such as if the review has been approved or not. The reviews imported can be of any type (e.g. product, customer, or category reviews).

Importing and Exporting customer review data is somewhat difficult and unfriendly on the default Magento installation. Without certain development skills, the whole process can take long hours to complete, and you risk messing settings around. Fortunately, the Import/Export Bulk Customer Reviews extension resumes this process to a few simple steps only.

This extension will prove particularly useful for those who want to export their reviews from an older Magento installation and import them to a new one. All the review data can be import/export in .CSV or .XML format.

Check out the features and screenshots below for more details on how it works.


– Import or Export all customer reviews

This extension allows you to import or export all Magento customer reviews to or from your store at once. It can easily manage them even if they are unsigned.

– Approve or Disapprove the reviews and assign them to customers or guests

The extension allows you to assign the reviews to either customer or guests, and it also enables you to approve/disapprove certain reviews that you’re unsatisfied with. All these can be completed in a few easy steps.

– Supports multiple types of Magento stores

This module is compatible with Magento stores that do not have English as their default language. It can also be installed regardless of the Magento edition that you own (Community, Professional or Enterprise).

– Comes with Installation Instructions

In order to make it easier for you to install it, this extension comes with an intuitive user manual. By following the steps outlined in it you should be able to have the extension running in as low as few minutes.

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