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Magento Reviews Sidebar extension

Show block with reviews on all pages to add more credibility to your Magento store.

Choose review block appearance
Make your site more trustworthy
Order of reviews display

Convince customers that your store is the best.
Vast majority of clients are looking through product reviews before making a purchase. If you sell high-quality products, customers won’t hesitate to praise them. So after collecting all these reviews,the finishing touch is to show them to your potential customers.
Help customers to make informed purchase decision.
By openly displaying reviews you will let your customers make more informed decisions fast and easy.
Make your site more trustworthy.
Online shopping is risky, and as store owner you have to give customers some guarantees. Reviews display is one of them. Actions to reach positive reviews will have a considerable impact on your bottom line.
Implant speaking reviews to your store.

Order of reviews display.
You can sort reviews in the block either by date or show them randomly.
Reviews amount options.
You can choose how many reviews to display in the block at a time.
Appearance of the review block.
You can indicate how many words from each review should be displayed (set to zero for full review text)
You can display rating stars



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