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Magento Save Cart Plugin – Highly Favored Users Experience


Magento platform has been born for a long time being one of the most preferred open-sources for online stores. Thousand of online businesses all over the world have been using this platform because of its flexibility, simultaneously; it is an e-commerce solution with excellent applications. Magento Save Cart Plug-in is one of them allowing users to get high interaction with products. The extension helps to save, view or customize customer’s favorite products in a cart before making purchase decision. This dominant feature also avoids the time-wasting for clients in case that the products refresh every day.


Currently, Magento extension market has been blossomed out diversifying options for users. An extension is recently developed supporting for improving the shopping cart function. Magento Save Cart Plug-in is publicized enhancing the capability of retaining customers for an online store. Basically, with the plug-in, customer will not be afraid of missing any nice products, but not otherwise it doesn’t take too much space on website. The extension will surely bring a positive impact on user experience. Now, we can take a glimpse of 2 out of popular save cart plug-ins.

 “Save for later in shopping cart” is developed by the Redstage Network.

flat rate


The extension places the “save for later” link at an easy-to see corner of product details table so that it keeps your customers away from getting lost. Simultaneously, the saved cart is automatically updated and shown in the shopping cart. Therefore, clients can easily follow.

Content Page

The content including information of the selected products is fully shown in a table. This is extremely convenient for checking, moreover, the product will be added back to the shopping cart using the “add to cart” function. Generally, save for later in shopping cart’s features are basic aiming at primary support for users. However, it brings some annoying weaknesses that maybe make your website be complicated. Typically, cart saving action will directly move you to the save cart page, it’s often unnecessary and time-wasting for customer.


In comparison to the competition, “Magento Save cart plug-in” developed by CMsmart team seems to be highly considered as an user-friendly tool because of its simplify, especially, the out of box functionalities. The striking features of the save cart plug-in allows the store to be more flexible with customer habits.

Well-controlled and time-saving feature

This Magento save cart plug-in helps the save cart to be well-managed with cart name creation. The customizable name will be an ideal solution suggesting the cart content so that it saves a great deal of time for your customers. Moreover, a light pop-up window instead of a single page appears notifying you that the action is succeeded. Therefore, you can totally sure that your cart is saved before moving to another page or finding another product without wasting too much time.

Magento- save time

Flexible options for information modification

Updating save cart is implemented promptly in the shopping cart. The data will be freely changed like quantity changing, removing or adding before storing in the save cart. You can also remove the saved cart in save cart page. Other than that, it’s truly convenient to back to the product detail page whenever you want to re-read the information of the product. With extremely simple actions, customers will be really comfortable skimming through your site without missing out any nice products.


The well-designed Magento Save cart Plug-in has been an advanced leap into potential online customer base. The customer satisfactions will certainly be your ultimate goal bringing a lot of benefits to your own business. Let’s consider and choose your most suitable solution for your website.

Magento Save Cart Plugin – New Experience For Users

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