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Magento shipping cost calculator extension – A high quality product – 100% satisfaction


Magento has come up to be a leader in the world for setting up and running online stores of different kinds and till now. Nowadays, more than 125.000 online stores have been set up using this platform. Magento provides its users with every feature possible but there are times when everything cannot be worked out, and for this we have Magento extensions that are available in high number and excellence in their usability and specific features. Mangento extensions have gained many great achievements and put a top position in this platform.


Now, Magento extensions have a lot of new competitive products updated in the market such as Google content API for shopping, Exploded menu, Daily deals, Magento Ajax cart pro, Magento Facebook login extension….They are a few of the most useful Magento extensions which cannot be ignored and must be used to make Magento an even better eCommerce platform for setting the business. Magento Extensions are really another exciting add-onecommerce development.

CMSMART.net has developed the first class Magento Extensions based on excellent developers team. We develop impressive Magento Extensions with many different versions. All of them are developed by excellent in-house Magento developer and updated frequently with webshops functions.

As we know, calculating shipping cost is one of the most important tasks of the businesses because it affects directly the benefit of the company. The lower the shipping cost is, the higher the benefits of this business is. Therefore, finding a shipping cost calculator is essential for every business. Recognizing the vital of the products as well as demand of customers, CMSMART team develop a new module called Magento Shipping cost calculator extension. With the support of Ajax techniques, it helps customers calculate shipping rates for any products they are looking for or they can calculate shipping prices for all items in the cart.


Besides, there are also options to choose cart items or not, so customers can calculate the shipping cost any products on the shop. Especially, the price is reasonable, with $89.00 we can own an useful calculator. Thanks to the outstanding features, Magento shipping cost calculator extension have achieved many great successes, appealed much attention from customers and businesses.

With the fast speed of online marketing, Magento extensions are playing an important role and helpful to all kinds of the businesses.

Magento shipping cost calculator is undeniable to be a useful tool for the customers. It makes a promise for the high quality and outstanding effectiveness. It is worth being one of the top magento extensions and becomes a safe-right choice of customers and businesses. We believe that our product will surely meet ojectiveof your business. Magento extensions will make great efforts to gain more successes and achievements for businesses in the near future.

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