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Magento synchronize database with Vtiger CRM extension

Magento synchronize database

What does synchronize database mean?

In short, it is the process of maintaining the consistency and uniformity of data instances across all consuming applications and storing devices. A same copy of data will be used in all devices.

What do experts talk about synchronize database?

Quote: Database synchronization is enabled through specialized software that tracks data versions as they are created and utilized. The process is implemented in distributed systems where data elements are routed between several computers or systems. Each computer may modify original data versions, depending on requirements.

The strength of database synchronization is any changes or data modifications will be merged with the original data source. It is displayed in the way data set is replicated or synchronized within devices.

Nowadays, a lot of Magento store owners decide to integrate Vtiger CRM to their system to manage important data including sales orders, customer information, product, after-sales service, etc. Therefore, the demands for synchronizing database is so high. Catching up this trend on the market, Netbase team is so glad to released premium Magento extension called Magento Synchronize Database With Vtiger CRM Extension.

Here is the checklist of features for you to refer:

  • Synchronizing data from Magento site to Vtiger CRM instantly: All necessary information including customer account, product categories, product catalog and order information will be synchronized automatically between Magento store and Vtiger CRM System. From the data synchronized, you will have firm basis to make reports, analyze your business situation.
  • Supporting two syncing methods that are Auto syncing and manual syncing. Auto syncing means you can synchronize data automatically follow the setting time and frequency (daily, week or month). Manual syncing means selecting data that need to be imported or exported and click on “Start Syncing” button to synchronize data.
  • Sync Vtiger Customers: Allows synchronizing and updating customer data from Magento store into Vtiger CRM Contacts and vice versa.
  • Sync Vtiger Sales Orders: Transfer automatically Orders from Magento store into Vtiger CRM Sales Orders immediately when an order is created at your Magento store, our Magento synchronize database extension will take the order information automatically to enter into Vtiger CRM Sales Orders.
  • Sync Vtiger Products: Allows synchronizing and updating Products including Product Categories and Product Catalog from Magento store into Vtiger CRM Products and vice versa.
  • Multi languages supported: Allowing users to use this Magento Synchronize database extension with their mother tongue will bring them the best user experience. We believe that customers from all over the world will highly appreciate this feature.
  • Easy to install and use: We always believe that SIMPLE IS THE BEST so this Magento extension just requires you to go through several simple steps and it will be ready to use. Very convenient!
  • Compatible with any Magento websites: This extension is so easy to be integrated to any Magento websites to support the process of boosting sale revenue.

Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!


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