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The Marketplace is open for e-commerce businesses


Have you extended the capabilities of the Magento, Joomla or WordPress platform and want to share it with the world? Better yet, do you want to be paid for your efforts? CMSmart Marketplace provides one place where sellers or developers can sell their products, and customers can find and buy great products for online store.

The Marketplace will make it easy to find and integrate great web services with community-built modules, templates, and design elements. CMSmart provides all the tools you need to build a professional website and make it powerful than ever!

Now the guide will instruct you how to publish your product for sale to the ever-expanding community of CMS platform on CMSmart Marketplace.

How does it work?

Listing your product on the CMSmart Marketplace is as easy as setting up a profile on any website. Simply creating a profile for your product and uploading it to the Marketplace. After registering to become Seller, you will have access to Seller Menu including tabs of Seller Profile, Product Submit Form, Sales Report and List of product. All you need is to complete these tabs with main information of your company or yourself, then filling all details of the product you want to submit in Product Submit Form. All requirements are supported in question icon on the right of each part with detail. You also referrer “How to become CMSmart Marketplace’s seller”.

How do sellers get paid?

Our sellers receive 70% of the revenue for all products sold through the CMSmart Marketplace. Keep track of your customers and invoices in your Seller account in the Marketplace.

When you sell an item, earnings will be deposited into your account balance. Your earnings can be used in the following ways:

  • To purchase files on any of the Cmsmart Market.
  • Once your balance has reached $50, you may request a payout to your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Payoneer Bank Transfer account or PayPal via your Account page.
  • Once your balance has reached $500, you may request a payout by bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer often incurs bank fees and charges.
  • All payment requests are processed at the start of each new month and paid out on the 15th of that month.

Come to CMSmart Marketplace, we promise bring back to you great customers and expand your brand name for you. And now, it’s good chance to help you reach out the worldwide with CMSmart, visit http://cmsmart.net/ to see more infomation

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