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Multi Wishlist Magento Extension: Create a Multi Wish List Like Ebay

Ebay Reports Quarterly Earnings

Ebay is one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world. Ebay is very popular in the retail sector, especially in the field of online sales; ebay has been very successful in building an e-commerce website (ebay.com). Ebay.com is a website that helps everyone can find and buy any items they need through internet, this helped ebay access to a huge customer base all over the world. Customers can visit the site and start to buy products in just one click, with a computer has internet connection; they can buy even at anywhere and any time.

There are so many things that brought the success to Ebay. Apart from the convenience are undeniable of ecommerce, the powerful features of ebay’s website also contributed to successful today. Ebay.com possesses many great features to customers. Customers can search products, compare and select products, the secure and convenient payment functionality, etc… One feature that I really liked in ebay is a feature that helps the users can create a wishlist of the products what they need / want to buy.

How to bring Multi Wish List Feature to your store ?

This is a very convenient feature for customers; they can save the product they want to buy and comback to buy it at another time. It also helped you can encourage customers to continue to buy products from your store. This is a very good feature and also be an essential feature for every online store. However that feature is not only appear in ebay, your website can also owns wishlist feature same with ebay. If your site was created with Magento, the Multi Wishlist Magento Extension will help your site possesses that excellent feature.

Multi Wishlist Magento Extension is extension which can help your online store users create multiple wishlists. This is a very good product from Cartin24; your customers can create a wishlist very easy and especially that this Multi Wishlist Extension supported for unlimited number of wish lists. It’s means you can create many wishlist depend on your purpose, kind of products or maybe for each product categories. Moreover, this extension was developed to work well on every devices, it fully compatible with any Responsive Websites / Responsive magento themes.


There is how Multi Wishlist Extension for Magento works:

  • Wishlists are created in eBay-style – directly when a new product is added to the wishlists. When a customer adds a product to the wish list, a pop up window appears.
  • Customers can select if an existing list should be used or a new one created. When wishlists area is opened – all created wishlists are organized in tabs. Customers can easily switch between them. Customer can create unlimited number of wishlists, or delete them.
  • Products can be moved between wishlists and use standard Magento features – share them or add all the products from the list to cart.
  • If product has custom options and was added to wishlist from the product page, all options will be stored and displayed in the wishlist next to the product. The options can be updated by clicking the “Edit” button.

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