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Orders Export and Import Magento Extension

Export orders from Magento and import them into other Magento installs, ERP systems and/or accounting software.

Orders Export and Import features

  • Exports Orders, Order Addresses, Order Payments, Order Payment Transactions, Order Status History, Invoices, Invoice Comments, Invoice Items, Shipments, Shipment Comments, Shipped Items, Shipments Tracking, Credit Memos, Credit Memo Comments, Credit Memo Items, Checkout fields;
  • Enables export via remote FTP and e-mail;
  • Supports CSV/Tab Separated, XML formats;
  • Enables Admin to upload XSL Template File for transferring orders to 3rd party software;
  • Allow for exporting orders based on Order Status, Order Numbers, Order Placement Date, Customer IDs and/or Product IDs;
  • Enables Admin to define Order Fields which are to be exported;
  • Allows for automatic export via cron;
  • Allows to automatically export orders after checkout is complete;
  • Allows to automatically export an order after invoiced were created for all products within that order;
  • Enables Admin to export only those orders from a specific selection that weren’t exported before;
  • Creates a page with data about all exported orders;
  • Allows for importing orders to specific stores;
  • Creates a page with data about all imported orders;
  • Keeps a log of errors that occurred during Order Import;
  • Enables Admin to interrupt the Order Import process when errors occur;
  • Enables Admin to configure Import Behavior (add, replace or delete data for matching orders);
  • If an order is missing customer data, the extensions creates a customer based on the Billing Address info;
  • All data that was exported can be imported;
  • Comes with a User Manual;
  • The extension’s functionality is 100% Open Source.

Details: Orders Export and Import Magento Extension

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