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Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension – A strong reform within your reach

Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension is a real useful tool that should have for all online store owners. It allows admins to get customers closer with their online store by encouraging them to follow the out of stock products. Once products are available on your website, a stock notification email is sent to the customers to get them interested in purchasing. Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension can help you get more sales and improve customer service. Let’s learn more about this extension level.

Why Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension is a must have extension:

More profit through more efficient Magento inventory management and pricing: With this Magento stock alert module you will know exactly for which products stock or price need to be updated based on data about subscribed products of customers.  Customers have ability to set up the rules that what products they are subscribed to and change it. So the subscription data you see in admin panel will be the real information. Thanks to that you can stock the exact products.

Then, you can aware which products customers like more and you can continue sell on your website. Thanks to suitable decision in stock the products which customers want to buy, you will sell products faster without wasting on inventory. And store owners can improve inventory turnaround and get more profit.

You can create a long-term relationships with your customers: By price changes in various period and stock renewals you can show to your customers that you respect their choice. This makes they come back to your store again and again. Customers can get their favorite products faster so that you can improve their satisfaction.

Powerful features of Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension that can make you want to install immediately to improve your website:

  • Send advanced notifications to subscribed customers only.
  • Enables your customers with product subscription.
  • Guests and Signed-in, both visitors can subscribe for the out of stock alerts.
  • Add ability for admin to change the notification heading above the Email text box.
  • Allow to display first name and last name in subscription form.
  • Allow to display out of stock notification button in both category and product page
  • Registered customers will receive email notification when the products are back in stock.
  • Store owners can keep a track of customer subscriptions from backend.


Outstanding Support from CMSMART TEAM for this extension also a significant elements of Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension:

  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meets Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • Life time free update
  • Updated monthly with new great features

It’s greater that the LIVE DEMO of this useful extension is released by CMSMART TEAM for user experience and feel by themselves. A strong reform can be easier and now within your reach. Let’s install right today for your website:

Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension

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