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Package Builder Magento Extension

The Package Builder extension will let your customer create his own individual bundle of products from your store. For example, a package offer can consist of 1 dress+1 pair of shoes for $100. Unlike a typical bundle, packaging gives customers the flexibility of choosing their own products from pre-determined categories. In the example above, a customer will be able to choose a dress from a list of 20 dresses, and bundle it with one of the 20 pairs of shoes offered.

We made the entire process as easy as possible, so that even an inexperienced store administrator can deal with it. The Package Builder will drive your sales and allow selling clearance items more efficiently.

A typical package creation process using this extension will include the following steps:

1. Create and name a new “package”

Example: package “Black dress”

2. Create two or more “items” for the package

Example: “Black dress”, “Jewelry”, “Shoes”, “Purse”

3. Add products for every created item

Example: 10 types of black dresses, 5 pairs of shoes, etc.

4. Set up a fixed price for the package

Example: $150 for 4 products (one product from every item)

The customer would then be able to select one product from every item and combine everything into a single order, or the so-called “package”. A special price can be set for the package, offering the customer a better deal than in the case of individually purchased products.

The extension allows an unlimited number of product combinations and packages. It is the perfect tool to drive your sales and improve customer experience. It is a more advanced option than bundling, since it also allows working with configurable and grouped items.  Discounted prices can be offered for the package, stimulating customers to buy more products at a time.

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