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Package Builder Plus Magento Extension

This extension is an advanced version of our previously released product, Package Builder. It will enable clients to create customizable bundles from a pre-defined variety of options and products. Compared to the basic version, Package Builder Plus has improved functionality, allowing a more flexible set-up process for you and a better shopping experience for your customers.

The main functionality of this extension is comparable, of course, to that of the basic version, Package Builder. The Plus edition, however, includes a series of improvements and advanced options, designed to create an even better experience both on the administrator and the end-user side.

Added Features:

  • Visualizing any modifications during the process of package items selection
  • Adding descriptions for customers for every step in purchasing a package
  • The package price can be set either as fixed, or as dynamic (depending on prices of specific products selected for a package)
  • Adding custom options (such as choice of sizes, colors; personalized inscriptions on merchandise)
  • Customers can use layered navigation (searching for a product using a set of pre-defined filters, therefore narrowing down the selection)
  • Customers can add products to their Wish List

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