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Perfect your ecommerce site with top trendy Magento 2 extensions (part 2)

Perfect your ecommerce site with top trendy Magento 2 extensions

4. Magento 2 order upload extension

Magento 2 order upload extension

Optimizing upload ability and bringing users the convenience are the main reason why Magento 2 Order upload extension was released. All files are managed in the admin panel, admin can easily create products as their customers need. Besides, the shop owner can customize options easily and simply or set max file size. This plugin can adapt to all stores so feel free to set it up. Here is the list of features you can refer before making a decision:

  • Uploading files directly at the same time on the product details page
  • Multiple File Types Supported
  • Setting max file size
  • Fully responsive
  • Supporting with all products
  • Interaction with uploaded files
  • Display uploaded files on the view cart page, on the checkout page and in the confirmed order email
  • Files are managed in Order Management admin panel


5. Magento 2 Quick view extension

Magento 2 Quick view

Generally, when you go shopping online, you see a list of products, if you want to buy something, you need to come to their detail pages to see all the information. However, nowadays, you just need to hover to that product, all the needed information will be shown in the pop-up window. Where does this convenience come from? The answer is a quick view. Plenty of huge e-commerce online stores have integrated this function into their site because they understand the benefits it brings to their sale revenue. You can refer the Magento 2 quick view extension from Netbase team, this is one of the best quick view extension on our market. Here are the features of this Magento 2 extension:

  • Quickly view products in Catalog Widget
  • Displaying a popup with all the information about the product
  • Displaying all product options in the quick view popup
  • Supporting all types of products and multi stores
  • Totally responsive popup
  • Adding product to cart right in popup
  • Performing other actions like on a real product page
  • Displaying product detail page link
  • Cross-browser


6. Magento 2 Blog extension

Magento 2 blog extension

That sounds quite tempting to give in to the idea that the only way to generate sales is by engaging in direct sales. It is undeniable that blog post will be a great way to shorten the gap between your business and audiences and generate more traffic and sales for your business. You should never think that this is an unnecessary luxury investment, let’s consider it as a beneficial one because even when infrequent posts can also help your business. Therefore, don’t hesitate to add a blog for your online store by Magento 2 blog extension. Here are the features you should never ignore:

  • Customizing the main column of the blog page
  • Creating unlimited Blog Post
  • Post categories and comment management
  • Sharing your post on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc.
  • Responsive layout design
  • Content Navigation through Tags and Category
  • Showing Recent and Related Blog Post
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with any theme and support multistores


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