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Perfect Magento web navigation trends for the promising 2017

Magento web navigation trends in 2017

In the e-commerce tech-savvy world, Magento is undoubtedly the asset to build alluring website designs that will obtain higher conversions and boosted traffic. Although Magento is basically a perfect answer to give a top-notch user experience when you apply it for your store, you still need to customize it follow current web navigation trends. Here are some trends for you to refer to:

1. Navicon

If we mention Navicon, that will be an omission if we forget Facebook. Facebook is always considered as the ideal model, the heroin-using to hide navigation options off the screen. Because most of the websites nowadays apply responsive design and it, in some cases, hurts navigation so hiding the navigation panel off the screen and only letting it appear when visitors select navicons will be a great idea. If you access some responsive websites by mobile or tablet, you will observe clearly this solution.

However, nothing is perfect and this is not exceptional. There are several ideas that against the navicon. The common reason they gave is the move from off-screen navigation to on-screen options as apps are becoming more single-purpose. Therefore, depending on your real situation, you can decide to apply or not.

2. Parallax Scrolling Instead of Clicking

The web design and web navigation trends nowadays should stick to smart devices, that is an undeniable fact. We can be sure that scrolling will reduce page loading time more significantly than clicking. Moreover, scrolling can create and promote more interactions from users as they receive all the required data without clicking through multiple pages. That’s also the main reason why Parallax scrolling technique is going to rule the web navigation world in the very near future for the slow movement of background images than the foreground images.

3. Ghost Button

This is also a popular trend for web navigation of Magento e-commerce. We cannot deny that the Ghost button is so attractive, attention-grabbing classy and minimal aspect of designing. That is a very subtle way for you to attract visitors’ attention. Basically, it is not a call to action but a smart web developer will know how to make it become one.

4. Mega menu

Some websites suffer from a high bounce rate because of too much menu menus on the front page. Why don’t you re-design and hide them with the mega menu? If you come to the professional websites, you can observe that Magento mega menu is an indispensable part of their websites. The mega menu helps your pages not get cluttered and gives a sense of cleanliness and decency in the designs. The standard usability guideline for the mega menu is keeping it simple. You can put anything into them doesn’t mean you should do. Fewer options mean less to scan, less to understand, and less to get wrong.

Two Magento version for the mega menu for you to choose:

  1. Sliders Containing Calls-to-Action

Sliders have great use in the Magento designs and one of the latest trends here is to place a call-to-action within any of the sliders in view of the text . In major cases, online stores are used for ad commercial promotion. A better click is the better view.

Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!




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