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Personalized Products – The Trend of Online Business


The personalized products, you can find it in many places, they are the key rings with name or on the gifts which you saw on streets and local markets. But now, along with the development of technology, inspiring product purchasing and change in consumer behaviour, the personalized product is not only a key ring but also is t-shirt, shoes, mobile skin or another gift. And of course, ecommerce is not an exception; it was also influenced by this trend.

Why Product Personalization eCommerce is growing

This is quite easy to understand, the advance technology makes personalization has become affordable and easily available. The personalization trend is growing to meet the tastes of consumers. The personalised gifts are always better than giving routine gifts, not only unique but memorable too. Moreover, E-commerce provides consumers many choices of products with high quality, the affordable price, quickly and easily. That’s why product personalization now becomes more important with ecommerce.

Nowadays, people prefer to buy the personalized products for themselves. In fact, a survey reported that 40% of consumers say they prefer buying from retailers that cater to their preferences. So, there are many ecommerce stores now allow customers to customize their products by product design software online.

Puma is an example, they offer an online application (was integrated on Puma website) which allows their customers can design and color their own Puma shoes. And then Puma factory will craft the shoe as per their designs and deliver it to their house.

Why To Start Product Personalised Ecommerce

  • Stand Out From The Crowd: you participate in e-commerce market with many other players, if you can make you become a “special” person, you can charge premium price for that. In ecommerce, consumers can easily to compare the products (prices, qualities, services…) through internet, so the personalization products can help your store to stand out from the crowd.
  • Always in Trend: styles or trends always come and go, you must accept the fact that they change faster than ever and very easy to become a bystander. The personalised ecommerce will make your store unique as per the customer preferences. This is a great solution to avoid the influence of the new trends, it also help your business to stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Cost Effective: Barr, Account Manager at Fluid said: “Many people think that manufacture custom or personalised products will costs too much. But in fact, it’s easier and quicker and takes same time to setup as other businesses.” By installing web-to-print software for your store, you’re ready to start selling.
  • Brand Loyalty: the Bain Survey shows that those customers who had customized a product online engaged more with the business. They tend to visit website more frequently, they also spent more time to stay on the page. So, it is an opportunity to build loyalty and get more returning customers for your store.

How Much Customization to Offer

Some online stores allow customer to design their unique products by offering them a blank Canvas or a predefined design and customers can change some elements like text, fonts, clip art, color, etc… You can choose the way that best suits you but make sure that it shouldn’t be complicated, unattractive or too many options, it can make shoppers leaving your site.

This trend will not only boost your business, but it will allow you to always remain connected with your customers at no cost. Moreover, it will also help you to keep up with competition. So, allow your customers to personalize your products and the market will open up for you.

How You Can Catch Up This Trend?

For Magento or other CMS, you can find some 3rd party plugins which can bring features that allow customers to create personalized products, to design their unique products – the online designer tools.

If you are a WordPress user, you can create a website with online designer tool easily by using WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Package. This WordPress template can help you to create a beautiful website with many powerful features, and also integrated an Online Design System.


I also have a good news for Magento users, developers of WordPress printshop theme – CMSMART team, now they are working to create a theme for Magento, a complete solution which inherited power from Magento Printing Theme and an online design tool integrated.

Now, Magento Premium Online Product Designer Extension has been released, you can find more info at:

Magento Online Design Extension

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