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PHPro Magento Translate Module

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The Translate Module enables anyone to translate an entire Magento webshop without modifying a single CSV file.
The PHPro Magento Translate Module makes it possible to translate an entire Magento store without modifying a single CSV file. Using a userfriendly backend search form you can easily find and replace/change any interface translation.
The PHPro Magento Translate Module is provided by PHPro, Belgian Magento Partner.

Key features:

  • Searching and translating interface strings
  • Log untranslated strings in order to be able to translate them later
  • View translation statistics
  • Translate locale specific messages
  • No need of changing the .csv files in order to translate Magento messages

The Magento translate system is very complex. As such, there are a few special cases regarding the search results:
En_US logging has been disabled
The logging of en_US has been disabled as of V1.1.1 because en_US is Magento’s standard language and is considered to be 100% translated. Changing the translations for this language is still possible but will only change the displayed value.
Specific and non-specific translations
Magento is translated specifically on a per module basis. Magento itself adds non-specific versions of those strings which will also appear in the module’s search results.
please do NOT translate these if there are specific strings available. If you do, specific translations from the CSV’s will be ignored if there are no specific translations available in the database.
Developer mode
If it seems you do not have any non-specific strings appearing in the search results, please check if your Magento installation is in developer mode. The developer mode strips these non-specific translations, so developers are not bothered by them.

After installing a language pack you can use this module in order to obtain a 100% translated Magento store view. You’ll have full control of translating your e-commerce platform.
This module is mainly meant to use in a development/testing stage. Do NOT use the “log untranslated strings” feature in production! It will impact the performance of your stores.

Info: magentocommerce.com
Free: http://bloorum.com/threads/phpro-magento-translate-module.2082/

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