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Some Powerful FREE Magento Extensions


Follow the steps of this topic Some Powerful FREE Magento Extensions on CMSMART MarketPlace. In this topic i will continue a serie of Powerful FREE Magento Extension. In the previous topic I introduced you to some free magento extension of cartin24, and in this article we will continue with 5 extensions which were developed by M-Connect Media.

So now let’s start with the first product.

1/ Magento Best Seller Extension With Product Ribbons

This is a product that will help you show up the list of the best seller products on your site. You can display bestseller products of your site on any page you want. This feature helps you introduce the best seller products to customers, thereby increasing your sales. And furthermore, this extension very easy to use, you can adjust the parameters in back-end even you do not know anything about code.

There are some main features of Magento Best Seller Extension With Product Ribbons:

  • It allows you to select a date range from which you want to get your bestseller products.
  • You can define the number of products to get as bestsellers.
  • Allows you to add slider effect on bestseller product block.
  • You can select Categories as well as CMS pages to display your bestseller products.
  • It allows you to display best seller products by category.


2/ M-Connect Featured Product Magento Module

This extension allows you to manage the feature products on your site by easiest way.  You can add multi store products to ‘Featured Collection’ and manage with different conditions It facilitates the display of product listing in ‘Ascending’, ‘Random’ or ‘Descending’ order | Manageable limit of products to be displayed | Manageable column-count in listing etc…

And many features are included for you such as: Fully Admin Manageable extension, You can easily manage this extension with such great and easy interface right in front-end… Let download this extension at this link below.


3/ Magento Product Ribbon Extension

One more extension to help you manage, advertise and introduce your products to customers. You can attach labels to your products like: New Arrivals Products, Best Sellers Products, Product On Sale (To apply this label apply special price while adding product), Most Reviewed Products.

Don’t wait anymore, let download this extension now and absolutely it will not make you disappointed.


4/ M-Connect Product Icon / Logo Library

If you don’t know which extension can help you to display your brand identity/logo on your product page then this product will help you.

M-Connect Product Icon / Logo Library saves lot of development time for linking icons with product and aids the developers in defining the icon representation scope at frontend as configured from backend.


5/ M-Connect Media Magento Ad Banner Manager

As its name Magento Ad Banner extension allow user to create their own Ad banner which they can use to place anywhere on the website (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebars, Footer).

Full features of this extension:

  • Adds Advertisement banners to store with just few simple steps
  • Display banners, logos, icons or any manufacturer related images in form of banners
  • You can display event related information using this ad banner manager extension
  • Third party affiliate code insertion in form of image
  • On click impression affiliate ad banners.
  • Add banners to your store directly to your custom templates using XML blocks or php code
  • Fully admin manageable


If you do not have any information about M-Connect Media, so here are some information about them: “ M-Connect Media is well-known eCommerce web Development Company, offering wide range of custom eCommerce design and development services of any kind of complicacy to customers worldwide. We have a conceptual development team of robust skilled and Magento dexterous eCommerce experts and our list of clients comprise all sizes of companies and businesses, starts from small, mid and enterprise level business organizations.  ”

These products are available in CMSMART MarketPlace. Don’t hesitate, let visit CMSMART and download many great and free products. Hope through this article, you can find the best extensions for your website.

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