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Recover Abandoned Magento Carts and drive sales Extensions

Often customers, having added products to Magento carts, do not complete their purchases. A simple reminder can increase your sales, and Abandoned Carts Alert Pro extension helps to accomplish this by sending abandoned Magento carts alerts automatically.
It will take a few minutes to set it up and after that it will automatically dispatch the alerts according to your settings. Alerts will be sent with a delay that you set (we recommend 1-2 days to avoid being obtrusive).


Abandoned Magento Carts Alerts features


  • Sends alerts to registered members and guests;
  • Enables Admin to send up to three alert follow-ups;
  • Enables customers to recover their Magento carts with just one click;
  • Automatically logs in registered customers;
  • Allows to stop alerts when a customer makes a purchase or uses the Magento cart recovery link;
  • Enables Admin to include a coupon in alert messages and set an expiration date for it;
  • Enables Admin to track the purchases made after alerts messages were sent;
  • Provides statistics on abandoned/recovered carts, products and their price, alert messages sent;
  • Allows to send the first alert within minutes upon Magento cart abandonment;
  • Supports automatic and manual alert sending;
  • Enables Admin to create/edit/delete alerts;
  • Provides Admin with an editable html template for reminders;
  • Allows Admin to configure the delay period between the abandonment and reminder;
  • Saves the history of sent reminders and allows to delete them;
  • Compatible with AITOC’s One-Page Checkout Booster extension;
  • Comes with a User Manual;
  • The extension’s functionality code is 100% Open Source.


Detail: Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro

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