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Refer a Friend Magento Extension Download

Refer a Friend Magento extension is a smart piece of software that helps you benefit from a combination of viral and affiliate marketing (without launching a conventional affiliate program). It stimulates your customers to invite their friends to your store

Important note for users of Refer a Friend v.1.*: version 1.* and 2.* are not fully compatible. To find out more details, please read the description.

Your customers can certainly be your best brand ambassadors. The Refer a Friend Magento extension from aheadWorks Co. helps you benefit from a combination of viral and affiliate marketing (without launching a conventional affiliate program!). It stimulates your customers to invite their friends to your store. This is how it works…

Your customers refer their friends to your store and get a percentage or flat discount on their own purchase – while you get more customers and greater revenues!

The popularity of this Magento extension since its launch bears testimony to the uniqueness and usefulness of this application. With a series of major enhancements rolled out recently, there are more reasons for Refer a Friend module to be a ‘must-have’ application.

Features for your customers

  • Earn great discounts
    Reward customers who contribute more to your business. With this module, your customers have more reason to recommend your products to their friends. More friends your customers refer, the greater the discounts they earn. Moreover, they can specify the amount of earned discounts to be used at the shopping cart. As a store owner, you have enormous flexibility in deciding how to reward your customers for different outcomes (e.g. sign ups or referral purchases): a fixed discount or a % discount.
  • Advanced tracking and user-friendly interface
    The customer panel in the user area provides statistics and information about discounts that have been earned. A detailed table shows the list of everyone referred with their status: signup, email confirmation, purchases, items purchased and total value of purchase. Your customers will love this transparency as they see immediately the results from their referrals. Moreover, as customers never lose their referral details, they can use these for ‘productive’ referrals in future too!
  • Give a bonus to the invited customer
    Now you can reward not only the referrer, but give discounts to the customer who registers to your store after being invited by another customer.
  • Ability to broadcast the referral link
    Not only can customers earn more per referral, they have the opportunity to generate more referrals. Besides broadcasting the referral link by e-mail, they can choose to publish it online on their website or a blog post (why, they could add these links on their social networking profiles!). Moreover, they can share the link immediately from their user area by clicking the social buttons.
  • Allow same person to be referred by different customers
    This means that a customer is not prevented from referring someone who has been referred by somebody else as well. Of course, who gets the referral discount depends on whose invitation the recipient chooses to act upon to register.
  • Personalize the referral message to boost conversions
    The standard message template sent when a customer refers friends contains the referrer’s name. This is likely to increase the e-mail open and clickthrough rates, and thus their chances of earning referral commissions.

Features for you

  • Increased brand appeal
    The Refer a Friend Magento extension helps to enhance your brand picture as your product is recommended by people known to your potential customers.
  • Specify the redirection link after one has followed the referrer’s link
    If you have a ‘Welcome page’ for newcomers or you want them to visit a certain page, just put in the page URL in the Redirect to field. The user will be redirected to the specified page after clicking the referred link.
  • Ability to allow/block additive discounts
    You can allow/forbid your customers from using a referral discount together with a shopping cart coupon or any other promotional offers/ discounts.
  • Referrer’s orders and discounts limitation condition
    Restrict the quantity of orders that will take part in discount calculating. You can specify minimum cart total amount to enable the possibility of getting referrer’s discounts and limit discounts that can be applied to an order. Moreover, you have an ability to define minimum of fixed discounts to make customers able to redeem at the shopping cart.
  • Ability to increase/decrease referral discounts
    Magento store owner can control all referrers’ earnings and change the amount of fixed and percent discounts of referrers manually.
  • Ability to calculate purchase amount as ‘item price’ or ‘item price + tax‘.
  • Unlimited rules and great flexibility in setting rules:
    • Flexi-rules based on targets: signup quantity, purchased items quantity, purchase amount.
    • Rules work per all referred customers.
    • Possibility to prioritize rules and stop further rules processing.
    • Ability to define the date when the rule becomes active.
    • Specify stores where the rule will trigger.
    • Reset all rule activities: transactions, discounts, and statistics.

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