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How Reward Points Magento Extension bring customers return to your shop

On the market place of CMSMART these days has launched a new extension which was recommended by many people. Reward Points Magento Extension will be a new powerful solution for your online store. What features of this extension are everyone favorite the most? Reward Points Magento Extension allows Magento store owners to increase customer loyalty by giving them “Reward points” for their purchases. Reward points can be used as discount for their future orders, contributing to a better customer care and sales volume improvement of your store.

Why Reward Points is useful for your online store?

For an online store interaction with customers is one of the critical factors. More and more online stores with many diverse products launched. If you cannot remind about your store frequently, customers will easily be attracted by the new store with other attractive promotions.

  • Instead of ordering and making payment normally, nothing more exciting when customers can receive rewards on purchases in your online store. They will have the feeling of getting back and this encourages them to purchase more.
  • This extension allow to define the exchange rate between the two values: Point & Money. As soon as a purchase is made, customer will be rewarded with some point equivalent to their payment. The points that customers are holding will be exchanged to a specific money amount that they can use to buy another product.
  • Reward Points Magento Extension have ability to create different rules to calculate reward points for customer purchases. It allow to run the rules individually or for specific customer groups & product categories. It also enable to define the points for each order based on product price. This extension allows easily tracking transaction history of each customer’s account like the number of points earned or spent for purchase on the site, the expiry of points and so on. So that, admin can manage and apply the reward points campaign easily and effectively.


How can customer Reward Points with this extension?

For various actions, customer easily get points to their account as an award from your store that will make the shopping time of customer more passion and interesting. The bonus points is not limited in a monotonous way, it is very flexible and applicable to a variety of actions as bellow:

  • To attract new customers, extension allows admin reward points to everyone who are register for a new account
  • By newsletter sign-up customer also get points, it will promote them pay more attention to your Newsletter
  • Product Review will give points to customers because it will encourage customers offer comments about products.
  • Adding Tags to products
  • Poll participation also bring points to customers and this can help improve interaction with customers on your website.
  • Points to Refer friend can encourage customers see more products and have more choice.
  • And of course purchase of Products will be bring back points to customers in order to give thanks for supporting your store.

By this way,

Reward Points Magento Extension encourage customer loyalty every time they enjoy shopping in your site. Sales has never been increased so easy like that. Let get more actual experience with CMSMART’s support, for more informations please visit :  Reward Points Magento Extension

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