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Shop By Brand Magento Extension

Magento Shop by Brand extension creates a separate page for all brands to be listed. Customers can even find out brands having products or categories in which they are interested.

  • List brands by alphabetical order, by best sellers”, “most subscribers”, “new update” and “most products”
  • Filter products within a specific brand by price, color, etc
  • Sign up to keep updated about certain brands
  • Show sales statistics and sales charts of each brand for store-owners
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What do your customers usually consider about a product? Many times, the answer is its brands. Acknowledging this habit, we designed Shop by Brand extension which allows you to create and show Customers a page listing all the brands alphabetically and by category. These arrangements help Customers quickly find out the brands and products they concern, thus saving much more time. Moreover, Sales statistics and sales charts by brands are available, helping you to point out the best selling brands to improve your business. It is worth considering, isn’t it?Magento Shop by Brand extension - Benefits


How it works magento Shop by Brand Extension


The module creates a single page listing all brands in your store available for Customers to choose. These brands are arranged in alphabetical order and can be filtered by best seller/ most subscribers/ new update/ most products, which facilitates Customers’ searching.Brand Listing page

With the feature of classifying brands by categories, Customers can find out brands having products or categories they want. When your customers aim at purchasing a specific product, a wide range of brands come out, providing them with various choices.

Furthermore, Customers can easily see featured brands displayed right on Brand listed page.

Brand by Category and Featured Brands

If Customers want to view additional information of a brand like name, image, description, they can go to Brand detailed page. This page also provides other information like products, categories of the brand and product reviews.Brand Detailed page
Within a chosen brand, Customers can continue searching for products by other options like price, color, etc. To keep updated with new products for brands, Customers just need to sign up and the system will send email notification to them when new products are released.Searching for products by other options
Besides, the system provides you with reports, statistics and charts to follow sales and subscribing of each brand, helping store owners point out the best selling brands or inefficient ones to improve their business.statistics and charts
There are several templates of Brand listed and detailed pages for you to choose the best fit with your site.Templates of Brand listed and detailed pages



For Customers

  • View all brands of all products listed in alphabetical order or filtered by most products, best seller, new update, most subscribers
  • Search all brands of the product or category they are looking for, using function “brand by category”
  • Able to
    • view detailed information of a brand like brand name, logo, description, category tree and product reviews
    • sign up to keep updated about certain brands
    • search products with shopping options like color, price, etc

For Admins

  • Able to
    • manage brand sales and subscribers
    • config to show or hide sidebar, sign up box, shopping options, featured brands, brand by categories
    • show most products, most subscribers, new update, best seller brands
    • change front end router of the module
    • choose template for brand listed and detailed pages
  • Support multi-store for “featured brand” feature


  • Open source 100%
  • Check key offline using RSA encryption (not require 3rd party encryption)
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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