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Which ” Shop By Manufacturer Magento Extension ” good for your site?


If you ask customers about the issue of a product that they usually consider the most? Your answers frequently is its manufacturer. A excellent searching feature can help Customers quickly reach the manufacturer and products they seeking, allows them save much more time in action on your website.

There are 4 best extensions allows you to create and display brands elegantly available on the market place now:

  • Shop By Manufacturer Magento Extension from MageBuzz
  • Shop by Brand / Manufacturer Extension from FME Addon
  • Ma2 Manufacturers – Shop by Manufacturers module from MagenMarket
  • Shop by Brand from MageStore.

Let’s make a short comparison between them to find the best choice for your website.


Click on Picture to see in Full-size

Which is the best extension between fours mentioned bellow is depend on your appreciation, but in my opinion Shop By Manufacturer Magento Extension from MageBuzz can be the greatest choice thank to it is the most economical way, fully integrated features and outstanding support of CMSMART TEAM. Please try the LIVE DEMO to verify:

Shop By Manufacturer Magento Extension

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