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Simple UX Tweaks – Higher Repeat Purchase Rates


Nowadays, in web design, the UX design is becoming more important. A great UX design can bring positive impact to customers. Normally, almost consumers come to an online store just to buy a product, which can fulfill an immediate need and probably won’t come back in future.

There is a fact that online store owners should know that upping customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits up to 95%. It means that if you can convert even a small percentage of those one-time buyers to repeat customers you will increase your revenue substantially.

And, they also should know that improve user experience (UX) in their sites can improve their repeat purchase rates. But, you may have a question that how to do that? Don’t worry; this article will give you 3 simple UX tweaks which you can use for your site without breaking your site design.

1/ Personalize User’s Experience with Dynamic Content

Personalizing content for different audience is not a new concept. It really has a huge impact to the way they view your brand. There are 61% of consumers have a ‘higher regard’ (means they trust the brand more and are therefore more likely to buy) for a company that delivers custom content.

When you personalize your content for customers who already bought a product from your site, then they come back to your site and see products similar to what they recently purchased. So now, pretty sure that you will have a bigger chance to convert them become repeated customers. In fact, 74% of online shoppers are frustrated that the content they see online has nothing to do with their interests.

Let’s see how Amazon implements their personalization strategy. Look at an Amazon home page of customer who bought Ben Horowitz’s book. After bought that book, there are two books displayed that he is interested in reading, now probably that he will become to a repeat purchaser of Amazon.

Don’t worry if you are not a big company like Amazon, there are some tools which can help you to personalize your store. You can use Dyno, it allows you to display different copy based on your traffic channels.

2/ Make the Checkout as Painless as Possible

Problems with payment process are the reasons why shoppers abandon their carts.

The first problem is about a complex checkout process. Almost people are impatient, so the checkout process with 6 steps or more it can reduce your conversion rates. If your site was built with ecommerce platforms like Magento, Virtuemart, etc… you can reduce the amount of steps in your checkout with one step checkout for Magento or virtuemart one page checkout.

For more info, you can read this article to learn what is perfect checkout process.

The second major problem many brands struggle with is their mobile checkout design.

Different with desktop, a mobile shopping cart has different user requirements. Users need to manipulation in a smaller screen, means smaller texts and icons. So, a good checkout process for mobile users should ensure the visible and usable.

To start optimizing your checkout process for mobile, you should going through the process yourself on your ecommerce site and ask yourself these questions to begin your analysis of your checkout user experience:

  • Are my product variations easy to view / select?
  • Does my user understand what options they have selected?
  • Are my products easily added to the shopping cart?
  • Does my user understand their products have been added to the cart?
  • Does my checkout process have unnecessary barriers?
  • Is my checkout process easy to complete?

By reviewing your checkout process with these questions above, you will understand what needs to be improved and given good ideas to do.

3/ Optimize Your Digital Receipts

There is an important and effective channels for personalize but perhaps not many people pay attention to, that’s customers inbox. Don’t hold it just for newsletter and informational mailings only; you can create a chance to get more sales by using digital receipts to engage with your customer.

If you can recoup an average of more than $0.25 from just sending a receipt, you will get a significant revenue if you optimizing that channel. You can put links to items similar to what was purchased into receipt; generate a one-time discount code with a nearing expiration date to encourage them to spend and offer a referral incentive. Your opportunities are vast.

Take a look at example from Bonobos, here is image of an email receipt from them:

Along with order details (not shown), Bonobos offered various ways to engage with the brand, including a blurb about their “Equateur” blog. There are also links to two product categories that are different from the category I purchased from. This is a smart play; likely customers will see and buy related products!

Source @kissmetrics.com

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