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Single Sign-On v0.1.0 For Magento And WordPress Download – CodeCanyon

Let me explain the type of scenario where you’d want to use this extension:
You are creating a website, or own a website, that is built using a mixture of Magento and WordPress. It may be that WordPress is used to manage pages and a blog, while Magento is used purely for it’s e-commerce functionality. Or perhaps all your pages and e-commerce functionality are managed through Magento, and WordPress is simply there as a blog platform.

In either scenario it is common that users will register to your site, whether it is in Magento when checking out or even in WordPress to leave comments or view member-only sections. As both Magento and WordPress require registrations separately, it can be annoying or confusing for users – this is where my extension comes in.
By installing this Magento extension, you can remove all links to the WordPress registration/login area, and simply use the Magento “My Account” area for both!




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