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Make a smart choice with Simple Checkout Magento Extension

Simple Checkout Magento Extension is a brand new extension which was already researched and released for Magento at CMSMART Marketplace in this time. It is not only inherited the advantages of released check out extension before but also contained many new outstanding advantages. That make Simple Checkout Magento Extension becomes a must have extension for every online store owners.



Inherited advantages of Simple Checkout Magento Extension

To be a check out extension, is it indispensable to have many features that the establisher create to improve check out process of an online store. Of course, any feature you can find in others check out extensions, you can get it from Simple Checkout Extension.

  • Simply the checkout process in one click instead of various steps as tradition checkout process on online market. Thanks to Ajax loading, it allows customers to complete their order in just one click, simpler and faster than they have done before.
  • As many extensions of CMSMART, this Simple Checkout Extension is 100 % open source, you can install it with ease and it can be work for you in a short time. Then, you can spend your value time in others important tasks.
  • Customer can login in a pop up window. Once customers log in, system has ability to save their addresses in address book then auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for them. It suggest and autocomplete customer address using Google API So that they can save many time to others action.
  • It offers a great selection of responsive themes that are optimized for every possible layout and screen resolution. Now your buyer can reach the information of product every time, everywhere and on various equipment such as mobile, laptop or tablet etc. Thanks to responsive feature your website can display perfectly.
  • You also have ability to set up a pop up with terms and conditions of your site. It helps you show and get customers agreement with “Terms and Conditions” before making a purchase on frontend.
  • Like any other application released by CMSMART, with Simple Checkout Magento Extension you will receive 24/7 the enthusiastic support for your installation.

New outstanding advantages of Simple Checkout Magento Extension

  • It support multiple addresses. Using popup login, customers not only can use their saved address for billing and shipping but also can add a new address which will be available for future checkout.
  • Integrated with Mb Reward Points extension.
  • Your online store can be increased interoperability with customer thanks to this extension allows customers to write comments or instructions for their order. Hereby customer have ability clarify, note and show their demand with more details. Your store can be meet up their order better.
  • Admin may enable/disable discount codes in the checkout page; customers also easily buy products as logged-in members or guests to use the code. It allows customer to enter their discount codes, apply coupon code directly in the checkout page.

Therefore it is no doubt that Simple Checkout Magento Extension is one of the best suit choice for your online store to improve its checkout process and satisfaction of buyers. You can refer more details about this extension and get supported to install it by access to this link: http://cmsmart.net/magento-extensions/mb-simple-checkout-magento-extension

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