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Start to upgrade your ecommerce site with Magebuzz – Ajax Cart Magento Extension

New year 2015 has already come brings to us new opportunities and new challenges. Is it was a successful year for your brand and your online store? It depends on your properly and wisely business strategy. If you need a lot of time to innovate and supports everything of your brand, let us helps you a hand with our solutions today. Our commitment that just a short time, with Ajax Cart Magento Extension you will have a strong upgrade for your website. Follow us and see about this great extension!


What is the good Shopping Cart for your online store?

The good Shopping Cart brings to your online store a lot of advantages

For Customer

  • Bring more convenience and safety to customer. It makes the handling of Payment Processes and transactions a lot easier.
  • The main purpose of this Online shopping Cart is that it provides the customers to calculate easily what all they purchase whether it is goods or services.
  • It gives the customers an instant access to the product details and the best offers that are available at the moment.
  • Easy Checkout Features because customers don’t need to pay for every single item they select, in fact the cart easily calculates the amount for all the selected items and creates an automatic order for them.

For Admin – store owners

  • The shopping cart can organize the information for all successful transactions .This further ensures that the Transaction run smoothly.
  • A good-quality shopping cart offers rich features catalog management and an over-all simplified business management and provide opportunities for customer service.
  • A good Shopping cart is enabled with functionalities such as Back-End Marketing: creating Wish-lists, Discount / Sale coupons, Inventory Tracking, Up-selling, user ratings or reviews etc.

Why you should use Ajax Cart Magento Extension?

This is one of many great extensions from CMSMART MarketPlace, a specialization in research and improve Magento and Virtuermart.  The version available on CMSMART Marketplace Ajax Cart Magento Extension is compatible with Magento CE 1.5.x – 1.9.x.

So what do you really get?

Customer Features:

  • Easy to add Products without having to reload Cart page
  • Easy to remove Products without having to reload Cart page
  • Easy to update Products without having to reload Cart page
  • Intuitive design
  • Ajax cart pop up is applicable for all pages, where the add to cart functionality is available
  • Multi-store Supported
  • Multi -language Supported
  • Customer can add, remove and update without any reload the details catalogue pages
  • It allows customers to select product options in responsive popup.
  • Allows customers to change quantity with just one click
  • Support ajax cart for adding products from comparison page.
  • Support ajax cart for adding products from wish-list.
  • Customizable success message.
  • Shopping Cart In Sidebar And Header

Admin Features:

  • Admin has access to control over the entire module
  • Admin has access to control over the Shipping and sell process
  • It allows admin to easily turn on / off confirmation popup.
  • Enable / disable ajax cart function.

Since Ajax Cart Extension has inception, the extension has been undergoing continuous improvements and fine-tuning. The result is the most stable, adoptable and flexible solution on Magento market.


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