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Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension


Magebuzz-Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension adds a notify button into both product detail and category page for out of stock products. By clicking on this button, registered members & guests can enter their information to receive notifications when products are in stock.

Especially, using Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension allows both you and your customers to manage subscription. For admin, in the backend, the report feature allows admin to view all subscription from all customers for all products. For customers, customers can view their subscription in their dashboard.


In customer account, they easily do setting their “My out of stock notification”. Customers can subscribe any product they want to get “out of stock notification”.

In backend, Admin can control products which they subscribe for getting “out of stock notification” of clients.

It’s a simple way that helps customer easily complete this form to get notification when product is back in stock.

Admin can configure product alerts to remind customer about their product. It also do email list, admin enables edit or select emails which were received alert.

In frontend, customers simply click to notify to get “out of notification”.

See full list of features at : http://cmsmart.net/magento-extensions/magebuzz-out-of-stock-notification-magento-extension

Via: Cmsmart.net

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