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How Super Menu Magento Extension improve usability and navigation of your online stores

Menu is the first part that customer contact and use when accessing your website. A menu with beautiful and convenient interface for searching information will help your website gets satisfaction of customer. Many admins had to spend a lot of effort and time to design and set up their menus for website. If you need a way to improve usability and navigation of your online stores, Super Menu Magento Extension is exactly what you are finding. Super Menu Extension allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information in the most excellent way.


The following smart features of Super Menu Magento Extension that you will be convinced at the first sight.


Benefits to admins

Benefits to customers

Show Mega Menu Shop By Products

Admins can set up products in categories for showing them in the menu with many columns Allows yours customers to easily navigate items conveniently. They just need a period as some minutes to hover on mega menu to find items by categories; customers can get what they need faster

Sidebar Navigation

Admins have ability to add up to 4 content types for the menu item such as Category Listing, Product Listing, Fixed Link and Custom Content. Instead of hover on top navigation, customers also can hover on sidebar navigation to find any items or products

Super Menu Settings

Admins have 2 selections : go to backend to find Super menu for selecting“Yes” to make super menu activate on the top or on the sidebar, and select “Yes” for jQuery to navigate items faster Or set up default style for all menu items Users have access to more intelligent menu

Customizable content and styles without technical knowledge

Support admins set up menu quickly and easily. they have more time for other important objectives of the business Customers achieve greater satisfaction and convenience in searching for information

Add featured products and categories in the menu

Add uniqueness and diversity of information in designing menus for your website The amount of information received more and more varied for each operation on the website, so that the time savings and ease of comparative. So that it involve maximum of information that is needed.

Divide a menu into multiple columns

Each dropdown menu is divided into 4 sections: Header Content, Main Content, Featured Content, and Footer Content. It allows admins to add mega menu with displaying more information about that item. Customers can get information on the different parts sentences website. This creates new and exciting surfing

Support multiple stores

Regardless of what your item is you can take advantage of the benefits and features of this application. Customers have more exciting good experiences with your website

Support multiple languages

You can set up your website beyond geographical distance, country and language. Support to our customers from all countries, easy to find and purchase more products without being hindered by differences in language


In summarize, Super Menu Magento Extension support website owners to create professional Magento navigation menu which can display maximum information of your website. Now the LIVE DEMO version of this powerful extension is available on CMSMART website: live-demo

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