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Support Policies on CMSmart Marketplace


Support matter has been already a crucial part of selling a product by far. Until now, when entering into a marketplace, it’s even more important to have a stand out support tool connecting 24/7 with customers in a professional manner. On the CMSmart marketplace, supporting customer is set up on Cloodo.com which is an efficient management system.

The system operates as a stable and independent platform consisting of controlling, reviewing and noticing actions. the support activities are offered on Cloodo.com which allows seller to update and take care of customer as soon as possible. This by far will give you one more convincing reason selling products on CMSmart marketplace.

The support policies are divided into 3 main parts: submitting new issues, rejecting issues and processing conflicts.

Knowing well the support policies will facilitate customers to quickly and instantly resolve the issues when they arise. Simultaneously, customer can get a better view of excellent support when joining in the CMSmart marketplace.

1. New Issue Submitting

There are some notices of submitting that is in need of paying attention on Cloodo.com.

  • An issue must be assigned to a specific person at first
  • An issue must be written by English language
  • An issue must contain at least 1 question and at most 3 questions
  • Only one (1) issue is opened concurrently, in case there are more than one (1) issues activated, the remaining will be automatically closed
  • The maximum days for an issue is 3 days; therefore make sure that you mention to the important information to fix your problems
  • Once the ticket is closed, it will NOT be reopened for any reason, you should open a new one to keep dealing your problem.

2. Rejected Issue Processing

For rejected issues, we have particular reasons that you should consider before submitting an issue.

  • The issue relating to basic knowledge of open source code (Magento, Virtuemart, Prestashop, Joomla…) must be solved by YOURSELF, not by our support team
  • More than 1 issues are opened
  • Disturbing the support team with too much continuous talking
  • Requiring for customization without a willing for paying fee
  • Threatening the support team for any problems relating to purchased products

3. Conflict Processing

  • Any bugs or errors that arise from conflicts between the products of CMSmart and other suppliers will NOT be CMSmart support team’s responsibility to fix.
  • In case that the client offer a customization or repairing with a fee, the support team will consider to fix

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