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What makes Magento extensions be one of the best online store development platforms?

What makes Magento extensions be one of the best online store development platforms

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Life has been changing and the way we shopping is now totally different from the past. Nowadays, queuing up outside stores or traveling a long distance to buy something you want from your favorite retailers is just in the past, it’s time for you to forget them. While the retail industry is still …

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Support Policies on CMSmart Marketplace


Support matter has been already a crucial part of selling a product by far. Until now, when entering into a marketplace, it’s even more important to have a stand out support tool connecting 24/7 with customers in a professional manner. On the CMSmart marketplace, supporting customer is set up on Cloodo.com which is an efficient management system. The system operates …

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The Marketplace is open for e-commerce businesses


Have you extended the capabilities of the Magento, Joomla or WordPress platform and want to share it with the world? Better yet, do you want to be paid for your efforts? CMSmart Marketplace provides one place where sellers or developers can sell their products, and customers can find and buy great products for online store. The Marketplace will make it …

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Website optimization with Magento Full Page Cache


DOWNLOAD Magento Full Page Cache from CMSMART MarketPlace The essential of Website optimization In everyday life we always have to wait for various things in various place for example shopping, check out, in hospital, in restaurant, in the street… We use internet because it allows us to reach all the world and do many things easily. Just only thing you need …

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