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Flat Rate Shipping Per Product PRO V2.0 Magento Extension

Flat Rate Shipping Per Product PRO V2.0 extension is the most powerful flat rate shipping module for Magento. It allows you the flexibility to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each product individually with multiple service levels and international rates. With the new 2.0 version, store owners can also set tiered shipping rates based upon the quantity of items …

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Rich Snippets Magento Extension Download

  You’ve probably read that rich snippets are an overlooked but essential component of your SEO success. Rich snippets are an effective means of boosting your exposure in the organic search results; an essential SEO element on the rise. Fantastic. That’s great news. But … what exactly is a rich snippet, anyway? And why are they so important, for ecommerce marketers, …

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SmartCheckout- Magento Responsive OnePage Checkout Download

  Are you looking for a way to increase your store conversion rates? In any online store, the Checkout process is very important and sensitive part of the website. Checkout process with many complicated steps and form elements leads to losing customers and increases the rate of cart abandonments. Keeping checkout form simple and user-friendly is the best way to …

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Magento Megamenu – top navigation megamenu for magento

  Menu – is a key navigation element for customers on your website. It is particularly important that the menu would contain a maximum of all information, namely that which is needed by your potential customers. Alas, based on analysis of user behavior on large portals, the attention of given only for the first 10% – 20% of all categories of …

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Magento instagram extension Download

  You’ve already integrated your store with Facebook and Twitter – now is time for Instagram! Create one or more landing pages or add photo stream to particular pages,categories or products, each with its own Instagram photo stream filtered by @user or #tag. Choose different size, background, simple border or no for each photo stream to make it look exactly …

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Magento Z-blocks Extension | Magento Custom Content blocks

The Magento Z-Blocks extension is a Magento Custom Content module that allows you to create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items. Best of all, you don’t need to manually change your template and layout files every time you want to add an advertising banner or other applicable information. Everything you need to administer changes can be found …

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Help Desk Ultimate Magento Extension Download

The Help Desk Ultimate extension is a turnkey solution for Magento-based websites. It’s a perfect Magento customer care and support module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.

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Advance Delivery Schedule Magento Extensions Download

  Advance Delivery Schedule from MageWorld team Manage Your Delivery Schedule Allow Customers to Choose Delivery Time Enable your customers to select a delivery date and leave a comment in just 1 extra step with our Advance Delivery Schedule extension.

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Responsive Magento One Step Checkout | Magento Extension

Magento one step checkout extension

Responsive  Magento One Step Checkout Extension- no HACK, 100% AJAX, increase sale up to 70% The default and standard checkout that comes with Magento includes several “continue” actions required by the customer, this makes checkout very cumbersome and may lead to shopping cart abandonment. There for, all Magento site need One Step Checkout extension to make the check out process …

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