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Modernizing your online store with Magento extensions

Magento extensions

There is one fact which may surprise you is that we are diehard shopaholics. Yep, diehard shopaholics! It is not exaggerated, why can we affirm like that? You just need to see the number of E-commerce stores on the market, which is the most convincing clue for our statement, they are mushrooming, skyrocketing. The simplicity and convenience of online shopping …

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Product Videos – Why You Should Use For Your Ecommerce Website


Video is insanely popular. However, there aren’t many businesses use video for their ecommerce strategies. In the past, using product photography is a great way to show off your products. But today, if you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level and blow past your competition, you can’t ignore the use of product video. Why is Product …

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Did You Prepare Your Online Store For Holiday Season 2015


Holiday season is the time that the businesses, online store owners very interested. Because this is the time that the needs’ shopping of the people is highest in the year, so this is the time for businesses to be able to create a breakthrough of revenue. Did you prepare for the holiday season of 2015 yet? If not yet, here …

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