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[Testing] Increase 57% More Leads With Drop Down Search Box



Casa Mineira, a real estate company operating in Brazil. They have eight physical offices spread in different locations in Belo Horizonte city. In addition to the physical presence, they also have a website for online customers. The Casa Mineira’s website is a neat website with minimalist design above the fold. It has a search box where people use to find a property in Belo Horizonte.

In a period of time, Casa Mineira noticed that their website doesn’t have a good conversion rate. So they decided to improve the conversions by hiring Supersonic, it’s a CRO consultancy in Brazil. To understand and know what the visitors need when visit Casa Mineira’s website, Supersonic has been create some surveys such as: email surveys, on-site feedback (using Qualaroo) and exit-surveys. After that, results of the survey showed that the visitors really needed to perform their search quickly and easily.

Rafael, a consultant at Supersonic, he decided to test a variation by replace the standard search box with 2 boxes containing drop down menus and see its impact to the conversion rate. The new search box has 2 boxes, the first box had a drop down list labelled as Type (of apartment) and the second consisted of locations to choose from. Casa Mineira saw the effective from the use of new drop down search box and they decided to put this new search bar to test using Visual Website Optimizer.

The Search box with drop down menus…

The Test

They set up a test with close to 7,500 visitors. The test was expected to prove that increasing the usability of the search box by giving users clear choices will lead to more people giving their email ids to be contacted by one of the brokers from Casa Mineira. VWO has tracked the conversion goal by count the the number of emails collected from each variation.

The Result

The result was not surprised; the variation with drop-down search won and brought the company 57.25% more leads.

Here’s a quick comparison image showing the search box in the original and the variation side by side.

Why the Search Box with Drop-Down Menus Won?

  • The drop-down search gave visitors a clear path of action

Because the scope of a standard search box is limitless, vistors need to be sure about what they were looking for when use it. Standard search box allows customers type anything to refer to what they were actually looking for. Different with standard search box, drop down search box makes visitors can easier to search because it covering all the locations and types for them. Beside, the drop down search box also helps users avoid the typos and not get any results when they typing in the keywords which did not match with any listing on the website.

  • Visitors possible to search for various combinations of apartment types and locations with drop down search box.

The standard search box requires visitors had to type keywords to search locations or apartment and they can’t do it in one search query. It means that visitors may not able to search if they wanted to look for more than one type of apartment in different locations. But the drop down search box allows them to do that, more convenient for customers!

So, the result of the test showed us a big improvement when replaced the standard search box by the drop down search box. If you use Magento as platform for your online store, you can also easily to upgrade your search box with Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento. This extension will help you create a powerful search function for your site.

Magento Ajax Search


Source @vwo.com

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