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The advantages of Magento Product Attachment Extension

Today, sell products directly on website we’re not strangers to businesses / company. More and more enterprises begin to shift from sales through the intermediary channel to direct sales on their websites.This helps to manage product informations, manage the information about the sale becomes more convenient and easier.However, to be able to do that works well, it requires the company must to build a website with features strong enough to meet the needs when their sites operating.

The needs of an ecommerce website

Ecommerce stretches across the business sectors and all businesses are free to engage in e-commerce.But for each business sector, it has its own specify requirements.For example, if you work in restaurant or hotel sector, you need to have a website with an eye-catching design; it should be highlighting the products and owninga powerful online booking function.If you have an online fashion store, you should to have a website which ability to present the products by the best way, a strong shopping cart and a powerful payment feature. However, most of all business sectors have a general requirement, which is that we need to introduce the product information by the shortest way but still fully, so customers can get the information of products quickly and conveniently.

If you have a Magento website, the default features of magento maybe can not help you build a product details page with full of informations and you want to add to the details page the attach files like pdf file, image or txt file, etc… So Magento Product Attachment Extension will help you to to that.

With this Magento Product Attachment Extension, you able to add various types of file (PDF file, image, txt, etc…) then customers can download or view these files on product page. This is a useful feature for your customers, so they can get the most detailed information of the product.



Here are the advantages of Magento Product Attachment Extension for your Magento site

  • Easily take action with files: a list of files attachment is sorted and presented below the product’s price with set-up icons, file type, name and size… in fron-end.
  • Admin can add many types of file, able to config file size & file type in back-ends: this extension supported for multiple file types (PDF file, image, txt, etc…) and in back-end, the store owner can set file-size and choose the file type which enable to use.
  • Choosing a product and add its supplementary files.Admin also may upload files into Product file section and then usethem for the related products.
  • Customers can view attachment files or download them. They can use Google document viewer to view the files, this will help cusomter can view file by the most conveniently way.
  • Admin can easily to manage attachment files such as: choose enable / disable to use attachment file, admin can add/ remove files and config easily…
  • Magento Product Attachment supported for multi-languages so you can use this for the wide range of website.

This extension should be more perfect if it has the feature which helps to show the download count and admin can get the reports data of downloaded files, so this will help admin to know which informations are useful for customers. In latest version of Product Attachment Extension, we can not to choose the file which visible/invisible for specific customer groups but hope that in next version, CMSmart team will make this extension more perfectly with more outstanding features. For more info or try live demo, feel free to clicking on the buttons below.


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