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Top 3 Magento Extensions providers!

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As you know, Magento is one of the leading open-source e-commerce platform providers. If you are thinking of building an e-commerce website like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, … the first option that I would recommend is Magento. However, when you choose Magento open source, it’s hard for you to find the right developer or vendor for your website. You will have to choose to buy the Extension or Theme on e-commerce sites at different prices. It is difficult, isn’t it!

Don’t worry, in this article, I will introduce you to a few Magento Extensions providers. In particular, you can easily find compatible packages, suitable for the website you want to build. Besides, they also provide installation and optimize services, helping you get the website you want without having to learn too deeply about web programming. Best of all, they also have completely free package versions, for individuals who want to learn web building or have a limited need for features. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

Magento Marketplace

Magento Marketplace

Magento Marketplace (Magento Connect) is a next-generation application store of Magento. It offers merchants a curated selection of solutions on the Magento Platform. Besides, Magento Marketplace provides qualified developers the tools, platform, and prime location to build a thriving business. So, how you can find Magento Marketplace and download Magento Extension?

First, you can visit marketplace.magento.com. Then, click Extensions and choose the Extension you want- Click it! Next, you can read Overview and watch some images of the product! (Don’t forget sign in your account). It is Userguide in Documentation.


All extensions on Magento Marketplace are great Extension you can’t miss. If you want to find a completed Solution for your Magento Website, you can find here. Besides, there are some Free Extension if you want some tests or learn about Magento Extension.


You will not have the product demo on Magento Marketplace. So, you can only try the product when you download it or go to the website of this product. This is inconvenient for customers who want to try it out the product before they buy it.

Codecanyon.net (Envato marketplace)

Magento Extensions form Codecanyon

If you are developers, you have to know about the Envato marketplace. This is a famous Marketplace about themes for website on themeforest.net. However, they too have many extensions and plugins on Codecanyon.net. This is a quite reputable channel for you.


You will have interested in using a guide (with images or videos). Besides, they will provide product DEMO for you. You can check, test, try with the package before buying it! That’s great!


They will not have free products for you (although their products are quite cheap). Envato Marketplace is only a 3rd party. Therefore, when your product or website has a problem, you cannot ask them directly but must ask the supplier. You will have a hard time getting answers and receive quick solutions for your problems.

CMSmart Marketplace (Netbase Team)

Magento Extensions CMSmart

This is one of the top software outsourcing companies. They focus on e-Commerce solutions and consulting for all e-commerce businesses to sell products and services on the Internet. They provide themes, plugins, extensions, templates for some famous open Sources such as WordPress, Virtuemart, Vtiger and special is Magento.


They have 27 Magento Extensions and 21 Magento 2 Extension. Their extensions focus on the following topics: Printing, E-commerce website, multivendor. There are some highlight products such as Magento Online Design, Magento Pricing Option, Magento Mega Menu, Magento One Step Checkout. They are necessary extensions for your website to work better with more features. The service presale and aftersale are quite good. They will answer any questions and give you solutions for your web problem!


If you have any questions, they will not respond to you immediately. You have to wait after 24 hours! Quite slow! Besides, their products are more expensive than other similar products. In contrast, the quality of products and services is quite good.

Above is my opinion about 3 Magento Extensions providers. I hope this article has brought you some useful information. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We are willing to support you.

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