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Top 6 Magento Extensions for Ecommerce Store Success

In recent years, Magento has emerged as a dominant player in the shopping cart space for both entry and enterprise level ecommerce retailers. Magento is an open source platform, which means that your store will lack functionality it needs out of box. Magento serves to be an amazing platform for anyone who wishes to build a successful career with online shopping stores. The craze for Magento ecommerce stores among business entrepreneurs is improving healthily and steadily. However, there are thousands of Magento extensions available to add whatever functionality you need. It is difficult to find good Magento module, created according to all Magento standards and best practices.

Magento Extensions for Ecommerce

Our clients are always asking what extensions they need or what extensions they should add to improve various aspects of their store. Here our list of the best commercial Magento extensions. These modules will help Magento store owners to increase sales and make store more user friendly. We create this list to recommend our favorites and point out some of the functionality you definitely should add. We always recommend these extensions to our clients. If you have any recommendations please add them in your comments!

1. Magento One Step Checkout

One of the complicated processes involving order placement is the persistent check-out problem. Shortening the checkout process in Magento is an absolute MUST! This magento extension features a single step checkout process, which is a collective combination of the usual six step process. So, in order to put an end to this prolong problem, the best and effective way is to install the One Step Checkout extension as it zeros dropouts and increases your sales volume considerably. Plus Magento One Step Checkout Extension offers a lot of additional options for store owners who want to collect more information or offer up-sells right on the checkout page. You can add items even at the last minute of checking out. It is one of the must-have plugins for any website to promote the business.

2. Facebook Shopping Cart

Facebook Shopping Cart

Facebook App is a Magento extension that integrates Facebook kind of shopping. It allows customers to directly shop from your product catalog available on your Magento store, by means of your Facebook profile. With FaceBook becoming the prominent feature of the internet and ecommerce, adding a plugin to the website that brings in more traffic from the social media segment won’t be a bad move. As most of the shops will be displaying the products on the Facebook page, it will be easier for them to access all product pages via their Facebook accounts and can buy the desired products from the same page itself. In fact, it allows web owners to create store on your FaceBook account to display and sell numerous products with absolute ease. This magento extension is the best medium to integrate facebook and online shopping. Download this exciting Facebook Login Magento extension from the site.

3. Magento Blog Pro

Magento Blog Pro

It is the customer satisfaction and interaction that widely matters with any online shopping store. A blog can be a great way for an online store to connect with customers, and this Magento extension makes it easy for you to incorporate a blog into your internet shop. Meanwhile, you can also inform them on your new releases and updates. Creating and keeping in contact with your users is essential if you want to retain their interest in your store and products. You can keep writing blog posts on your services, new stock, upcoming offers/events, exciting innovation, affiliations, praises, and even getting feedback on your services and how they can be improved.

4. Magento Ajax Cart Pro

The best way to appease your customers while shopping in your online store is by engaging them to your products for a long time. Easy Ajax Cart is a Magento Extension that is completely AJAX powered. It allows easy adding, removing and updating products on the cart, with zero reloading. Even the slightest of deviation would annoy them leading to abandoning their orders. So, in order to keep the customers engaged to shopping cart and products, installing Magento Ajax Cart Pro in your site would be the best choice. With the ability to offer the option to either ‘proceed to the checkout’ or ‘continue shopping’ it is adding to the customer service level we are aiming for. This is one of the best extensions for all kinds of shopping carts as it speeds up the process of shopping experience by users.

5. Referral Rewarding Points

Referral Rewarding Points

When you acquire a new customer to your online store, you want them to return to you over and over again. But how can you be sure they will come back? A referral reward point of Magento extensions is a perfect reward extension to maximize Customers’ engagement in your store. By launching customer rewards program, you’ll be able to offer your first-time customers some kind of bonus to achieve customer-retention, so that you get repeat visits from them, which will increase your profits. This way, the customers feel solicited for purchasing from the store and bookmarks the store for future purchase.

The referral reward points Magento extension is premium Magento extensions, which is installable in few clicks and configured in a quick way. You just have to make payment one time to have this extension (no monthly fee required), then run your own reward program and enjoy our free lifetime support and update. Referral reward points of Magento extensions is the best choice for every long-term Magento online shop and the pro online marketer who want to run an effective customer rewards program.

6. Developer Toolbar

Developer Toolbar is one useful tool of Magento extensions for Magento developer. Magento tool bar gives you an inside view of the code and files that make up your Magento store. It allows you access quickly to regular used functions without logging in to admin. There are two extensions available which are MW Developer toolbar and Magento Firefox Toolbar. Particularly, the second version allow administrators to set offline for maintain by one click only.

I strongly believe the list of top Magento extensions provided in this article would be helpful for most of the ecommerce web owners as the modules are of rare breed and come up with glittery features. These extensions are exclusively designed for accelerating the sales for Magento-based ecommerce websites. Hope you had gone a valid info!


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