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Tracking Number Import Module Magento Extension

Importing order status updates and tracking numbers from CSV or XML files into Magento has never been easier. Using the Tracking Number Import Module by XTENTO you will be able to import invoices, shipments and tracking data into Magento – fully automated! Automate your order management today and import shipments in bulk.

This extension provides the ability to invoice imported orders, capture the payment (charge the credit card), notify the customer about it, ship the order, add the tracking number, notify the customer that their order has been shipped and also to change the order status after the order has been imported. This will all happen automatically – you don’t have to do anything manually anymore. The extension will process the imported file and run exactly what you’ve configured on imported orders.

  • Seamlessly integrated into Magento and into the Magento backend
  • CSV as well as XML import formats can be imported. The import format is completely flexible.
  • Any field names can be used. Set up using mapping function in the backend.
  • Very easy configuration section – check out our demo installation
  • Ability to import files automatically from any local directory or from a remote (S)FTP server
  • Ability to upload files to import directly from the backend
  • Files can be deleted or archived after being processed
  • The built-in cronjob that runs the automatic import can be configured from the Magento backend
  • Intelligent Import: Already imported orders won’t be invoiced or shipped again
  • Compatible with almost all Magento versions (see compatibility chart)
  • NEWSupports partial shipments – only shipped SKUs/Quantities get invoiced/shipped
  • NEWWhen importing a partial shipment, the order status can be set to a custom order status
  • NEWOnce all items of an order have been shipped, the order status changes to “Complete”
  • NEWIf no shipped SKUs/Quantities are imported, the whole order will be invoiced/shipped
  • NEWSupports multiple tracking numbers per shipment and import
  • NEWSupports download of import files from remote SFTPv3 servers (Secure FTP, uses SSH)

This extension is able to:

  • Invoice imported orders
  • Capture payment (charge credit card) upon invoicing
  • Set invoice status to paid
  • Notify customer about invoice
  • Create shipments for imported orders
  • Ship orders partially (multiple invoices/shipments will be created)
  • Add tracking numbers to shipments
  • Add multiple tracking numbers to shipments
  • Notify customer about shipment, including their tracking numbers
  • Change order status after partially shipping orders
  • Change order status after completely shipping orders

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