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Types of Product Videos that Effective for eCommerce

Type of product video

Like most marketing tools, video can serve almost any purpose you need it to — that’s why you’ll see all kinds of videos used for marketing. But there are a few types of product videos that lend themselves to eCommerce selling more than others, including explainer videos, direct response, and user-generated videos. Let’s talk about each and the best ways to use them.

Product Explainer Videos

Explainer Video

Product explainer videos are just what they sound like: videos that explain a product’s features or how to use it. How-to’s and tutorials are two popular types of explainer videos you’ll find online. Explainer videos make it easier for customers to understand how to use your product—both conceptually (when they’re considering buying) and in practice once they do. That means product explainer videos serve the dual purpose of boosting conversions and supporting customers post-sale.

Direct Response Videos

Direct response videos have been a tool of the marketing trade for a long time now. The best example of this type of video is an infomercial. While the word “infomercial” probably conjures up a lot of cheese, we still see them for a reason — they work.
Similarly, this designed to spur a response, like taking steps to learn more about a product or converting, and they’re really effective at doing just that. By following a well-established storytelling formula, direct response videos use a proven formula to demonstrate product benefits and convince consumers to take the next step in your sales to funnel, whatever that may be.

User-Generated Videos

User Generated

User-generated videos are a little different from the other main types of product videos because they aren’t created by you. The most popular user-generated videos you’ve likely seen across social media include customer testimonials, tutorials, and “unboxing” videos.

Therefore, this type of video may give you less control over your product messaging, but its ability to lend credibility, trust, and social proof more than makes up for it. We know customers are much more likely to trust reviews and testimonials than anything your brand has to say. User-generated videos allow you to capitalize on that.

3 Steps to Get Started With Product Videos Today

In conclusion, there’s a reason product video marketing isn’t going away—and it’s high time you take advantage of all that product videos can do for your eCommerce store. You don’t have to go all-in and create hundreds of videos to get started. Just choose one type of video to test and see how it performs. Therefore, you can grow your video marketing strategy.

You can get started with video today with just 3 simple steps. They might be easier than you think.

  1. Choose 1 type of video to test.
  2. Select the products you’ll use for the test.
  3. Decide whether you’ll create the videos yourself or outsource.

What extension can help you upload video products?

Above all, you might know the power of Video Product, but how to put it in your eCommerce site? It’s showtime for Product Video Extension for Magento 1 and Product Video Extension for Magento 2. With these two extensions, you can add multi-videos and images to describe your products. It can bring a great effect to increase your revenue. Here are some outstanding features of these two extensions.

Magento 1&2 Extension
  • Add or upload multi-videos and images
  • Allow upload different video source
  • Youtube API usage
  • Upload video from front-end
  • Manage all videos in back end
  • Multi-display types
  • Rating video
  • Options for thumbnail slide display
  • Customized thumbnail dimensions and images
  • Cross-browsers compatibility
  • Customize video play icon display
  • Allowing config video file size
  • Playing video with pop-up window or media block
  • Admin can easily enable/disable an extension
  • Zoom plugin
  • Approve uploaded video in pending video

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