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Useful Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A website’s conversion rate is the percentage of the site’s visitors that perform an action deemed to be desirable e.g. making a purchase, calling a telephone number, submitting an inquiry form or engaging with a live chat function.

If you’re wondering about how to improve conversion rates of your website, let’s read this article. Below we will talk about 3 important aspects of conversion rate optimization of a website: design, credibility and calls-to-action. Hopefully, through this article you can get some useful CRO tips and use it for your site.



  • Use video and bullet points: nobody like to read a long text, so use videos and bullet points can help you to quickly convey the most information points of the page.
  • Utilise landing pages: if you have a special product, you want to promote it and make sure that it’s not distracted by other offerings. Let’s create a landing page for your product.
  • Learn from the best: learning experiences from the most successful companies by making analyze their website to know how they do and also take inspiration from their design.
  • Great imagery/ videos/ 360 degree rotation: this is the way which helps customers get the most intuitive insight about the products that they are interested. It will dramatically increase conversion rates.
  • Use real models: if you have a clothing store, promote your items with real models will bring more effective. See how ASOS relies heavily on models to sell their clothes.
  • Cross browser testing & mobile: today, there are many ecommerce websites where have huge amount of mobile visitors. So, make sure that your site will work well on every mobile device and on all browsers by making cross browser & mobile testing.
  • Promote competitive advantages: make sure to promote all your advantages like: free shipping, next day delivery, lowest price on the market, etc…


  • Testimonials and case studies: if you have many testimonials, don’t forget to leverage them. You can create a video of a happy client speaking positively about your company is always worth a few percentage points in increased conversion rates.
  • Keep your blog up to date: always show to customers that you still in business. A blog post which has been posted 6 month ago, it looks shoddy and looks like you have gone out of business.
  • Promote your social presence: don’t forget to take advantages of social media for your business. If you are active on social media, considering to integrate social media into your site.
  • Trade associations / thirds party verification: build the creadibility by promoting your membership of trade associations, awards and award nominations, etc.
  • Leverage the credibility of your suppliers and/or customers: promote logos of your well known suppliers or customers in “Our Clients” / “Our Brands” section.
  • Resources: everybody always like somethings “FREE”. If you have free resource, sharing it for free and then gage the rest behind a “sign up for download” form.


  • Don’t have too many: create only one clear and compelling CTA, which will bring the best effective.
  • Don’t ask for the sale right away: keep in mind that you must put forward your offering, USPs and build creadibility before pushing your CTA.
  • Exit popups: there are many companies using exit popups, they are proven to increase conversions. User was leaving anyway, so what have you got to lose?
  • Don’t ask for unnecessary info: don’t take too much time of your customers by filling too much information which unnecessary. Make all your form short and simple as possible.
  • Use live chat: you can make more sales by using live chat widget and answer the questions of the hesitant customers.

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