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4 ways to effectively market videos help to dominate your objectives

If you are working in sectors related to the communications and marketing activities, “explainer video” is not the strange terms. This kind of video has an average length of about 3 minutes, takes many forms but animated images and sounds hilarious are still more popular. From the experience of the professional marketer, videos, somehow, magically guarantee for the future of reaching a mountain of sales. With videos, your profit cannot mushroom immediately but step by step you will see the huge results. This post will provide you with four ways to effectively market videos

4-ways-to- effectively-market-video
                                                4 ways to effectively market videos

If the bounce rate is high, do not hesitate to use marketing videos on the homepage

In fact, if your page comes with videos, the bounce rate will lower about 34%. Unimaginable? Let’s take the example of ExactTarget. They decided to add video along with a branded video portal to their site, what happens? The bounce rate went out immediately and times on sites doubled.

From the example above, it refers that when visitors stay in your sites longer, the chance they read more information like your site copy and consider about moving forward with you will be higher. They may even sign up for your email list or take other activities.

Using an explainer video in case the clarity of value proportion is needed.

This thing is a little bit more complicated than bounce rate which is measurable or can be considered as quantitative data. The customers’ confusion is not clear enough to measure. If your sales cycle has lasted more than usual, let’s think about the plan of using marketing videos.

A short video will shorten the sale cycle because in that video easy-to-understand information will be provided for customers quickly. Customers are not only clearer about your products and services but also realize why they should choose, even the former perspective about your companies could be changed.

Using video when there’s trouble further down the funnel.

If you are trapped in the problem further down the funnel, what will you do? A suggestion for this case is trying to target mid-funnel with informative video content, your customers’ decision will be made quicker and easier. You should provide them with extremely really helpful content, for example, client testimonials or product demos. When a potential customer sees one of these product videos, that means they are already made their way to a specific product page. You want the real experience for this scenario; you can enter the website of Zappos to see how they work.

Making marketing videos to address FAQs.

Customers will have many questions when buying. So we should use video as a way to guide it in detail. So learning about ways to effectively market videos is essential

When you own marketing video, it drives awareness, increases conversions and convinces your customers that you are their right choice and should make a buying decision quickly. However, that is just not enough, customers purchase your products but they may have questions about maximizing product or software. The video should serve the requirement of answering FAQs like video tutorials and more detailed product demos. Never neglect your client, make them feel that you are always by their side and ready to support.

The above is a few information about 4 ways to effectively market videos. Hope the article has brought many useful things for you. If you have any concerns or are interested in our products, please contact with us. Thank you!

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