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How will B2B business be perfect with Magento themes and extensions?

B2B business with Magento themes and extensions

There is a scenario for our modern online purchase that is the explosion of both B2B and B2C segments. However, this development has not been equal between these two or it can be explained that in recent years, B2B e-commerce seems to gain an upper hand over the B2C e-commerce. The reason for this drastic change is among the B2C businesses, e-commerce is now a common strategy adopted by every the brick and mortar store while B2B is the new fresh breath of air, seems to be gaining heights and with this momentum growth, in the near future, the B2B trend will surpass the B2C trend. I will list out some challenges B2B businesses have to face as well as the solutions for them:

1. Pricing based on Volume

The most significant difference between B2B and B2C is the price on B2B business will be calculated based on the volume of products ordered, it means there will no certain price for products. Therefore, it will require a more complex pricing system. B2B firms need to develop a system that permits discounts based on volume when companies order some specific bulk amount of the products. You can refer Magento price matrix extension for this issue.

2. Maintaining Favorable Relationships with Clients

It is almost compulsory for every B2B company to keep updating the client’s account and information. How? You can use CRM, integrating it with your company’s e-commerce platform. CRM will actually make sense on managing client accounts, information and communication data and overheads will be reduced significantly. If you are in the digital printing industry, you can try a T-shirt solution call Teepro – Woocommerce Custom T-shirt Designer WordPress theme, it is also integrated CRM to optimize effectiveness.

3. Optimizing Search and Maintenance of Large Product Lines

A lot of large-scale e-commerce companies or marketplace owners will provide a product line from different manufacturers. So it is necessary to enable easy search for the customers to help them find what they want easily from a vast collection of products available on the website. To become a smart provider, B2B business should choose multi-store commerce solutions with easy search feature integrated. They will help you solve all the challenges related to multiple product lines, different brands, and product searching.

Some multivendor marketplace solutions that can satisfy those requirements for you to refer

4. Shipping calculator Solutions

An ideal shipping cost solution should be the one that can enable accurate totaling of the products price based on taxes and other charges and should provide accurate delivery information to the client. Moreover, the solution you use should be able to address entire order fulfillment process, even when your customers are foreigners, from other countries, your software still can calculate accurately the shipping cost in terms of the shipping amounts and taxes in foreign currency.

You can refer Magento shipping cost Extension and Magento 2 shipping calculator module.

5. User-friendly

The only way can help B2B business stay ahead of the competition is focusing on user-friendly services by giving vendors a self-service option. From my experience, B2B Company should integrate a self-service system for vendors where the vendor is provided flexibility to re-change or readjust the shipment date regardless of their requirements. Every single factor on the website should be designed to the most user-friendly, that’s how you can gain competitive advantages.

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